The Laughter Factory’s ‘Bourgeois, Spiritual, Pollution!‘ Tour

The Laughter Factory’s ‘Bourgeois, Spiritual, Pollution!‘ Tour

Movenpick Hotel, JBR, Dubai
Thursday, September 16, 2021 08:00 pm
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The Laughter Factory’s ‘Bourgeois, Spiritual, Pollution!‘ Tour

Chairman Mao used the term ‘Bourgeois, spiritual, pollution’ to describe anything that we would consider to be ‘A bit of fun!’.

It’s a good job the Laughter Factory wasn’t in China during the 1960s. We would of been the subject of great scrutiny in Mao’s ‘Red Book.’ We are guessing that a whole chapter could have been dedicated to the harmful effects that 2 hours of nonstop laughter could do to society. Thankfully times have changed.

Laughter is now considered to be one of the best things we humans can do with each other and for each other. Making sure we get our dose of the right type of pollution this month we have multi-winning comic Gabriel Rutledge whose recent album debuted at #1 0n the iTunes comedy charts.

Another newcomer to the Laughter Factory is Rob Ryan. Audiences love that Rob not only shares the thoughts parading through his mind but he shows them, with vivid characters and spot on delivery. Rob’s intelligent witticisms combined with his infectious story telling make his shows not only entertaining but unforgettable. To tell you any more though would be giving it away.

Finally, we are delighted that the busiest comic during lockdown is back with us. Danny O’Brien was described perfectly by Glam Adelaide. "Danny is everything you could want from an Irish comedian. A born storyteller who knows how to get the crowd roaring with laughter"-
So get your chops ready to devour this feast of worldwide laughter from some of the brightest comedy stars around the globe

When & Where:

16th & 17th September – Movenpick JBR Dubai

22nd September – Zabeel House by Jumeirah, The Greens Dubai

23rd September – Grand Millennium Barsha Heights, Dubai

24th September – Dukes The Palm, A Royal Hide Away Hotel Dubai

Ticket at AED 160 including VAT

Show starts 8:30pm

Movenpick Hotel, Dubai
Movenpick Hotel, Dubai