Performance COLOURFUL GAMES for children

Performance COLOURFUL GAMES for children

Sima Performing Arts, Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 38, Str. 17, Al Quoz, Dubai
Friday, June 11, 2021 04:00 pm
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Performance COLOURFUL GAMES for children of 6 to 36 months

The artistic-educational performance with one female dancer invites the baby-and-toddler audience to have fun and learn by watching and reacting. Accompanied by music, a dancer shows children different ways to move: sit, jump, kick, grasp, drop. In COVID-19 safe environment, children imitate dancer’s movements and invent their own, which leads to their first dance experiences.

The choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė created over 20 performances for children. Her artistic work is based on scientific research on psychological and physiological development of children. Performance was awarded as the best performance for children and youth in 2015 in Lithuania and has traveled the world since then - US, UK, Spain, Japan, China being just a few countries to mention. In 2016, it was performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Performed by Dansema Dance Theatre, presented by HIBA Art Project

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Duration 40 min, Venue Sima Performing Arts

More information on www.hibaartproject.com

For questions, please contact hello@hibaartproject.com

Sima Performing Arts, Dubai
Sima Performing Arts, Dubai
Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 38, Str. 17, Al Quoz

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