Abha is a choreographed work by Punyah dance company staged in 2018 and has been staged more than 100 times across the globe. The work is set in the margam format of Bharatanatyam. Abha draws inspiration from ‘Sita’ , a book written by Shri Devadatt Patnaik which is a compilation of various regional variations of the Ramayana across India. Taulanika mimamse or

holistic perspective has been the base of our understanding of spirituality in India, which looks at any story or a situation from various perspectives and tries to see what is the content that this story has to give us and controry to judging the actions of the characters ignoring the context.


Abha is presented by three seasoned soloists.

Shri Parshwanath Upadhye

Smt Shruti Gopal

Shri Adithya PV

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