Sanjay Sabha Live

With a glorious musical career spanning decade, and dotted with innumerable awards and  accolades, Sanjay today is chartering new territories with a formidable digital presence. With a series  of YoutTube capsules like the famous Short Notes, On that Note, Notations and Sanjay Sabha, he has  constantly engaged with his audiences with captivating anecdotes and invigorating music.   

Sanjay Sabha LIVE is a 90-120 minute carnatic concert, a veritable treat for discerning audiences  who value a wholesome and fulfilling musical experience above all else.  Sanjay Sabha LIVE presented by Sanjay Subrahmanyan and his team - Shri Varadarajan on the violin and Shri Neyveli Venkatesh on the Mridangam.   

While Sanjay keeps audiences enthralled with his brilliant renditions of alapanais, RTPs, and  beautiful Tamil compositions, Varadarajan and Neyveli Venkatesh complement the vocalist, to make  the entire concert was a grand, much-talked-about event. 

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