LPME: A Masterclass with Tony Maserati - “The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Experience"

“The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Experience"

What you should expect:

• In-Depth Mixing Techniques

• Artistry Behind the Console

• Insider Insights & Tips

• Networking with Industry Pros

• Exclusive Q&A with Tony Maserati

Hosted by LPME Foundation

Sponsored by LPME Studios

Dubai, often hailed as the city of dreams and the epicenter of innovation, is set to welcome a true legend in the music production industry. Tony Maserati, the Grammy-winning mixing engineer known for his work with world-renowned artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z, is all set to host his very first seminar in Dubai.

The event is being proudly hosted by LPME Foundation on the 27th September 2023 adding yet another milestone to its illustrious journey in the world of music production.

LPME is a Dubai-based multi-faceted production and entertainment house with a state-of-the-art studio facilities (2 Dolby Atmos studios, 6 Producer rooms, Main Stereo room and a Live Vocal room) doped ‘the Beast of the East’ by Pro AVL magazine. It also harbors subsidiaries active in the fields for sonic branding, video productions, marketing and more. Furthermore the company launched its flagship record label called “LPME Records” focusing to discover and sign talents from all over the world with a background from the Greater Middle East region, South Asia and Africa (GMESAA).

Working with leading professionals in the recording industry LPME’s foundation supports the local community with several workshops and seminars ensuring the resources are just at your step


Tickets categories:

1. Premium - AED 4000

•                Premium seating

•                Certificate from Tony Maserati

•                Personalized Secret Technique from Tony Maserati 

•                Q&A Session with Tony Maserati

•                4-Hour Seminar with Tony Maserati 

2. Gold - AED 2500

•                Certificate from Tony Maserati

•                Q&A Session with Tony Maserati

•                4-Hour Seminar with Tony Maserati 

3. Silver - AED 1500

•                Q&A Session with Tony Maserati

•                4-Hour Seminar with Tony Maserati 4. Bronze - AED 1000

•                4-Hour Seminar with Tony Maserati

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