Japan Culture Con - Day 3

Japan Culture-Con

Come and enjoy Japanese Culture, Lifestyle, Food, and Performances

Japan Culture-Con is set to debut in Dubai for the first time ever at an ever-so-pristine location, Burj Park.

Prepare to embark on a captivating 3 Day cultural journey from 10th November to 12th November.


From tea ceremonies to witnessing iconic stage performances from renowned artists. You can also watch your favorite voice-over artists perform popular Anime and Manga series that will leave you in awe of Japan & artistic prowess.

The event will also premier an exclusive Japanese Maids Cafe MAID-ON for the first time in Dubai.

Food and Fun:

Savor authentic Japanese cuisine and explore a bustling marketplace of Japanese handicrafts, kimonos, and cosmetics for those seeking unique souvenirs. Families can delight in dedicated children & corners with one-of-a-kind games imported straight from Japan. Venture around Burj Park in a unique Japanese Rickshaw with your friends and family! Join us as we celebrate and appreciate the beauty of Japan & rich Heritage.

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